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If you can master the skill of booking, you can master Mary Kay.

Your challenge for the Starbucks gift card is to book your first 10 appointments! You have two weeks to get them all on your books and they should be scheduled no farther out than two months.  To count as a booking they need to be an appointment where you are demoing product from your starter kit. They can be individual facials but I encourage you to use the scripts and have your hostess share their session with friends. This will maximize your time and give you best results!


Booking is the lifeline to your business and a skill that takes practice, determination, and grit.

An empty datebook means a blank paycheck. 



Key Principles

1.  Set a goal each day. For example, my goal is always to book 2 experiences per day. Your booking
      goal will depend on your monthly goal, desired income, and activity level.

2.  You need to be willing to take your personal feelings out of it because people are going to say "no." 

3.  Focus on the activity!  When you focus on the activity, results come.  You must set time aside each
       day for booking appointments, even if it is only 5 minutes!

Power Booking

1.    Get a binder to use for booking appointments. You will feel more organized having everything in one place! Print off the three small packets below and put them in your binder! 

2.   Mary Kay isn't magical, it is mathematical. If you're working with enough numbers, it always averages out and you will get the results you want.

3.  You might be tempted to change up the wording on the scripts, but don't! Here it why: This script has been tested on over 100,000 women over the past 5 years and IT WORKS! Even if you change 3 words, it can lead to “NO” results. Yes, I have seen that happen!

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