The MK Opportunity

Thank you for taking a moment to think pink. This business may be for you, or it may be perfect for a woman you know. The important part is that you get a little peak into what it is like to be a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Choose a video below and then complete and submit the survey. Thank you so much for helping your beauty consultant by taking the time to do this, it is not lost on us that time is valuable. 

Real Women in MK

Leah Lauchlan: 

Former Teacher

Stephanie Coker (34) Background of corporate job making a six figure income

Jamie Taylor (23)

Started MK during college and currently is a pink cadillac director!

Amy Kemp: Believe in the Journey!

Former Teacher, Introvert

Cindy Machado-Flippen: Quick informational video!

Mariajose Torres Spanish Speaking 

Gloria Mayfield Banks and others

Currently #1 in Mary Kay (US)! Attended Harvard Business School and she chose the MK Business.

I would love your opinion!

No matter where you are on the scale of "still thinking" to "I'm ready!" we value your opinion and would love to hear what you think! By Filling out this survey you will be helping your Independent Beauty Consultant work towards her dream, and maybe you will even embark on the journey towards yours!