The MK Opportunity

Thank you for taking a moment to think pink. This business may be for you, or it may be perfect for a woman you know. The important part is that you know everything you can, and that’s what The Think Pink Pack is for! As you go through the Pack, feel free to write down a few notes- I can’t wait to hear what you think, and what you learned about the Mary Kay Opportunity that you didn’t know before!‚Äč

Real Women in MK

Kelly Brock (29)

Young mom of (1) year old, former fitness instructor, started MK when she was engaged

Stephanie Coker (34) Background of corporate job making a six figure income

Jamie Taylor (23)

Started MK during college and currently is a pink cadillac director!

Diane Mentiply (54) Started MK in her 40's- left a six figure corporate America job because she matched it with her MK income

Mariajose Torres Spanish Speaking 

I would love your opinion!

No matter where you are on the scale of "still thinking" to "I'm ready!" we value your opinion and would love to hear what you think! By Filling out this survey you will be helping your Independent Beauty Consultant work towards her dream, and maybe you will even embark on the journey towards yours!

More about the opportunity!

The following recording is an easy way to hear about all aspects of the Mary Kay opportunity, wherever you are! This recording is easy to listen to over bluetooth in the car, through headphones while you are working out, or sitting with a pen and paper ready to take notes! Whatever your life is like, there is always training available to fit in, just like this recording!


After listening to this recording, click on the "Think Pink Pack" so you have a reference for questions!

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